Starting from the bottom

I have just finished the first chapter of Windows on the World and I figured I should share some of the more interesting facts I learned. (Full Disclosure: I am reading the 2008 version of the book so some of the facts and figures might be a bit different now).

  1. The popularity of wine in the US continues to climb with the US being the number two consumer of wine in the world, just behind France! The more the popularity of wine grows in the US the more resources for wine tasting and education will continue to pop up all across the country! This is super exciting news especially for those of you who might not be very close to a major city or wine growing region.
  2. When you hear people talking about the body of a wine this means they are referring to its alcohol content. I am so glad he just came out and said be because I have tried to make an educated guess as to the meaning of “body” for a long time. I’ve guess everything from flavors to color and I’m so happy to finally have this little nugget of knowledge stashed away in my brain now!
  3. A bottle of wine is 86% water! It’s a shame the alcohol creates a dehydration effect. Otherwise, this would be the worlds tastiest way to get your H2O.
  4. The fermentation process is a simple equation of allowing the yeast (either natural or added) to “eat” the sugars in the grape must; this produces CO2 and alcohol. The CO2 dissipates into the air and the alcohol remains. The alcohol even kills off the yeast once it reaches 15%. The real art to wine making is in controlling all of these factors in a way that produces all of the wonderful flavors we know and love from our favorite bottles of wine. 🙂
  5. There are only three types of wine. Table wine ranges between 8-15% alcohol and is your standard drinking wine, sparkling wine is between 8-12% alcohol and retains its CO2 created during fermentation, and fortified wine is between 17-22% alcohol and is generally served in much smaller portions.
  6. The MOST important thing about a wine, is that you ENJOY it.



so, you think you’re a blogger? 

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I have decided to follow my passion for food & drink by learning more about wine, and hopefully testing for the Court of Master Sommelier levels 1&2.

So, a few things about me…

I live in Maryland, fairly close to some fabulous wineries and wine retailers. I love to travel and collect bottles of wine from all the places I visit (it’s basically the best souvenir I can think of). My mom has 2 dogs, Buster and Harley, I love so much I would kidnap them if I could. When I’m not drinking wine (or working) I like to ride horses, hike, have picnics, and generally just be outside, you know, unless it’s cold, in which case a nice window will do just fine.

Okay, now that we know each other a bit better, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s the plan here, Jessica?”. Well, here’s the part where I tell you! 😃 Thanks to a lovely and most helpful girl at Canton Wine and Spirits, I have decided to begin my journey by reading through Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World – Complete Wine Course, and other information I find in the industry or just online somewhere. Each week I will post something about what I have learned from my readings or from tasting different wines. After all, tasting is the best part of learning about wine!

I hope you will sip along with me and enjoy the journey.